The Trouble With DNA Evidence

The Trouble With DNA Evidence.


About Zak Martin - Profiler

Zak Martin is an international best-selling author famous for his psychic detection and criminal profiling skills. He has been featured extensively on TV, radio and in the world press, and he has been consulted by police forces around the world, including Scotland Yard, on hundreds of unsolved murder and missing persons cases. Every week he receives dozens of requests to assist in cases in which traditional investigative methods have failed to produce results. He uses a combination of intuitive and psychological techniques in investigating murders, disappearances and other unsolved serious crimes. He is author of several books, including Quantum Perception, a scientific exploration of the mind and consciousness, and the worldwide best-selling guide to psychic growth, How to Develop your ESP (Harper-Collins). He has contributed to the growth of public interest in psychic and psychological matters by writing articles, giving lectures and taking part in TV and radio programmes dealing with these topics. He currently resides in the South of Spain.

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